everyone hires people i know. why won’t people hire me? :( hiring places never call me back, i go ask again and they say they don’t hire anymore or never did even if they were. i’ve gone to places where they say they really like my resume and will call me back and they never get back to me. my mom’s connections through clients say they will hire me and they never say a word again. im still applying right now..i’m seriously broke with only a couple hundred dollars and a shit ton of things to pay for. 

if they don’t get back to me i’m just not gonna try anymore. gonna study and transfer out to the bay. live with a family friend and her roommate. work at her coffee shop and slowly get used to being on my own and making money. and then get an apartment with youngman and friends possibly.

why do we have to rely so much on strips of paper?




I can not stop watching this

this video has disrupted my entire day

this video is bigger than all of us